Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I kinda miss Stefan Salvatore

The title itself doesn't relate (like for real) to any of the story below. I'm being a prick now oh stop with this nonsense.

It has been awhile. Really.

So basically Shah Alam is great. It did treat me well. Sort of missing my perfect room back then in Puncak Alam. Degree life is a little bit like heaven. I'm talking about the schedule here, of course. Dalam satu hari ada satu je class well who doesn't like it?!?! The subjects, are all fine, oh wait except for the Calculus  (which means I have to deal with it for the whole ONE semester) urghh.

Macam bila orang tengok results Asasi aku, part of the questions:

"Weh results kau ni sesuai ambik Engineering doh pahal ambik Major Chemistry?"

"Kenapa tak ambik Engineering?''

"Kau suka Physics kan asal tak ambik Engineering doh?"

"Kenapa results Physics okay daripada Chemistry tapi ambik Major Chemistry why tak ambik Major Physics?

I answered them:

"Tak minat" for the first 3 questions.

"Takda rezeki" for the last question.

My definition of tak minat here isn't focused on the engineering field itself. I do love Physics, so badly. Since high school lagi dah macam, fall in love gila dengan Physics like seriously. During my foundation, I still love doing Physics. We know that when it comes to engineering field, you can't get yourself out of Calculus/Maths. I just can't relate myself with Maths. There's no chemistry between us. I just can do Physics better than Maths. Idk why. It's not that I'm not trying, I've tried. Tapi still tak boleh suka Maths faham tak? I can score (but of course I didn't get an A+ during my foundation) but still, solid A is still accepted kan? Macam ni tau, aku belajar Maths ni just untuk exam je. Tak boleh nak jatuh cinta dekat Maths ni. Buat lah macam mana pun, tapi dah tak suka nak buat macam mana. Orang cakap tak baik kan benci ilmu, tapi aku tak benci pun ilmu Maths tu. Cuma tak suka, sangat heh. So that's the only reason kenapa aku tak apply any Engineering courses for my UPU. Some said "Alaaaa ruginya Sya." But for me, takda istilah 'rugi' when it comes to rezeki yang Allah bagi.

Mungkin Allah tak bagi aku Major in Physics mungkin sebab there's certain topics in Physics yang aku tak minat sangat eg: Circuits hehehehe see? Kalau ambik Major in Physics ni of course lah kena khatam bab circuits bagai hihi.

Bagi aku, even Major in Chemistry looks like uhmm a common course (generally) but it's okay. Habis-habis pun jadi lecturer. Tak apa lah, rezeki Allah, no one knows. Bagi aku tak apa lah ambik course ni pun as long as aku minat. Tak guna aku ambik engineering tapi sakit hati dengan Calculus for the whole hella 8 semesters. So yeah, doakan aku boleh habiskan degree years dengan cemerlang dan aku dapat ilmu yang berkat


I'm looking forward to getting myself an ANC (Naib Canselor's award) insyaAllah may He ease everything, just everything.


I'm having this one thought. If and only if ada rezeki lebih, moga-moga boleh sambung Master dekat UK.(iyo lettew)

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